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j_unit's Journal

diet coke
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this is the J-units new meeting place.
people can post shit they do in J-unit, or J-unit news in here. thats about all there is to it. the j-unit crew likes to drive around and be a bunch of assholes. we scream, we throw shit out windows, we swim in ponds. we do everything.
if you have a problem, then praise the lord!

J-UNIT CREW and its associates:
(in order to be an associate, you must simply hang out with us...just once.)
amber shortlilsinger
bryan jorge
alan geeshi
matt newfoundglory77
lance skinnyface
donna suckerface
lisa glimmeringstars
kat psychotickittie
cassie oni_chan
karyn marionettesque_
rob (who does not have a livejournal)
pat (who does not have a livejournal)
nick (who does not have a livejournal)
woody (who does not have a livejournal)

this community is maintained by geeshi